Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Is it that time of the year when you pack your bags and get ready to grab a new adventure? However, you are running low on expenses but decide to go anyway. So, you choose Frontier Airlines, the ultra-low-cost carrier, for your air journey. The plan is set, the tickets are booked, and the documents are ready. But wait! Are you aware of your route through the Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal?

If you have no idea how you are going to traverse the airport, you will be in great trouble unless you read this handbook. As it has a complete breakdown of your tour in simple, small steps, this handbook will guide you well on your air tours.

Welcome to the Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal

Being the best in customer service, Dallas Fort Worth Airport is ready to welcome Frontier’s guests at its Terminal E. If you are one of the passengers of Frontier Airlines, this is how your journey will look at the airport’s terminal.

The Departures: It is the upper level of the airport’s terminal where you will go through procedures for boarding your flight. Here, you will find ticketing booths, check-in desks, and security checkpoints.

The Arrivals: Alighting from your Frontier flight? The lower level of the terminal is the one you will use. Here, you will find baggage claim areas to collect your belongings. Then, you may proceed to the ground transportation.

Quick Facts About DFW Airport And The Terminal E

You are not ready to begin your flight journey with Frontier Airlines unless you are fully aware of the terminal you are going to walk through. Here are some quick facts to know the Frontier Airlines terminal in DFW better.

  • If you are reaching DFW Airport or moving from here to downtown Dallas, you have to traverse a distance of approximately 21 miles.
  • You have to choose one from the 26 gates of the DFW Terminal E to reach your Frontier Airlines aircraft for boarding.
  • Frontier Airlines can fly you to the following destinations from the DFW Airport:

Baltimore, Boston (begins August 14, 2024), Charlotte, Chicago–Midway, Chicago–O’Hare, Denver, Detroit, Fort Myers, Grand Rapids, Houston–Intercontinental, Indianapolis, Jacksonville (FL), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, New York–LaGuardia, Omaha, Orange County, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Portland (OR), Puerto Vallarta, Raleigh/Durham, Sacramento, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma, Tampa

Seasonal: Atlanta, Cancún, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ontario, San Juan

  • In 1974, Terminal E was one of the main terminals of the DFW Airport.
  • Terminal E is not connected to other terminals. You have to take the Skylink or the Landside Terminal Link shuttle bus service to reach other terminals.
Airport NameDallas Fort Worth International Airport
Airport CodeDFW
DFW Airport Address2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX 75261, USA
Name of the AirlineFrontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal ArrivalsTerminal E
Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal DeparturesTerminal E
CountryUnited States of America
DFW Airport Official Website 

Processing Your Frontier Flight at the DFW Terminal

Getting a basic overview of the Frontier Airlines Terminal at DFW will give you insights about the airport. Continuing your read from here on will show you how to navigate Terminal E and process your flight tasks better.

Creating a Reservation

If you have booked your flight online, you can skip reading this step. However, if you are looking to create immediate bookings, your stop will be the ticketing counters at the Frontier Airlines terminal DFW. You can find them before the security.

Inform Your Presence

It is usually the first step towards boarding your flight. You can process your check-in at Frontier Airlines’s check-in counter located near Gate E20. Again, you can check in with your flight through Frontier Airline’s mobile app as well. Another option is through the various self serve kiosks spread across Level 2 of the terminal. 

The check-in counter will not only mark your presence to attend your flight but also offer services such as special assistance, seat changes and upgrades, and baggage drop. Most importantly, you will receive your boarding pass from here which you must securely keep with yourself.

Security Screening

After getting done with your check-in process, you have to go through the security screening process. There are various kinds of security checkpoints throughout the Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal.

Based on your eligibility, you will go through one of the following:

  • CLEAR: Situated at Gates E8, E16, and E18.
  • TSA PreCheck: Find it at Gates E8, E16, and E18
  • Priority: All priority members to Gate E33 for security screening
  • Security Checkpoint: For other passengers, Gates E18, E8, and E33.

Boarding Your Air Carrier

Now that your security screening is done, you are all set to board your flight. Before you proceed, check whether your Frontier aircraft is ready to fly. Look at your boarding pass. It will have the information about the boarding gate you need to enter to reach your air carrier.

Rules For Flying With Frontier Airlines

It is not enough to learn about where the different places essential for your flight process are located at the DFW Terminal for Frontier Airlines. To ensure you don’t go through any problems during your flight, you need to know the complete details of the rules for traveling with Frontier Airlines.

Limits On Carrying Your Luggage

With Frontier Airlines, you can carry one personal item like a purse, tote bag, briefcase, backpack, or other item having the size of 14”x18”x8”. Make sure your personal item meets the size requirements. Otherwise, the officials will reject you from taking it on your flight.

You can add a carry-on or a checked bag to take on your flight at an additional cost. You can find detailed info about Frontier Airlines’ bag options on its official website.

Rules For Kids Traveling Solo

Frontier Airlines no longer accepts reservations for unaccompanied minors. Hence, children below the age of 15 years must have an adult accompanied with them on their flight.

Traveling With Pets

Are you bringing a pet with you on your Frontier flight? There are some rules you must know and obey if your furry little friends are accompanying you during your air journeys.

  • You have to pay a fee for your pet during the check-in process or in advance. Apart from your pet cage, you can bring a personal item for free.
  • Pets won’t be checked as baggage.
  • Bring your pet’s health documents with you on your flight journey.
  • Make sure you are aware of the governmental regulations of the place you are flying to regarding pet animals and abide by them.
  • Don’t give your pet any food or water within 4 hours of departure to prevent any mess during the flight.

Family Friendly Travels

You can never be more careful when it comes to traveling with kids. If you want things to stay in control, learning about the Frontier Airlines family travel safety tips and regulations will go a long way.

Are you traveling with tiny tots? Gotta be tough, but you can make it easier by following these tips.

  • Fill your carry-ons with enough diapers, baby wipes, milk bottles, snacks, and some quiet toys. A book or educational videos on your phone are great options to keep your kid entertained during the flight.
  • Choose a stretch seat while booking to get enough space for a comfortable flight.
  • Frontier also serves snacks and beverages at minimal costs. However, if you wish to bring your own snacks, make sure not to produce any mess.

Touring Through The DFW Terminal

It is not necessary that you will go straight to your air carrier and fly away. There are many instances when you may need to seek the different services that the DFW Terminal for Frontier Airlines has to offer. Let’s look into what these are and where you can access them at the airport.

Information Counters

Have any doubts or need detailed information about anything that is concerned with your flight journey? The information kiosks dispersed across level 2 at Frontier Airlines DFW terminal have all your answers. Whether you wish to learn about baggage rules, kid-friendly flights, pet travel regulations, and so on, these information booths are the way to go. You can find some of them near Gates E11, E33, E8, E17, and E21.

Special Assistance

Are you a passenger of Frontier Airlines who is suffering from some kind of disability and needs special assistance during your air tours? You can share your concerns about needing special services during your tours with the airline’s officials at the check-in desks. They will immediately make arrangements as you require. Their service involves wheelchairs, guidance, emotional support trained animals for direction, oxygen cylinders, special diet meals, and more.

Lost and Found

Do you feel something is missing? Check carefully. Is it something from your luggage that seems to be missing? If that’s so, you must immediately report the item that is misplaced to the airline’s lost and found department. You will find it before the security at the baggage claim area near Gate E4.

Dining Places

An air tour isn’t exciting unless you savor some fun and delicious tastes along the journey. You may deny it, but the tasty treats at Aunt Anne’s, Dunkin’, Einstein Bros Bagels, Starbucks, Wendy’s, and much more spread across the terminal will lure you into getting a bite of them. These dining options at the Frontier Airlines DFW terminal are a refuge for hungry stomachs and craving hearts.

Shopping Stores

There are moments when you are sure about packing everything you will need on your flight, but then you realize that one thing you forgot to put in your bag when you reach the airport. Or maybe you brought it but lost it during the tour. You need not worry because the Frontier Airlines DFW terminal has all kinds of shops where you will find just what you are looking for. Whether it’s a charger, a flower bouquet, a magazine, or a surfing board, the shopping stores at the DFW terminal E will provide you with the same.


Does the flight tasks at the DFW Airport feel neverending, and you are so exhausted that you can’t proceed even a single step forward? It is your sign for taking a break and relaxing at one of the lounges at terminal E.

  • Admirals Club: satellite terminal, mezzanine level
  • Delta Sky Club: Near Gate E10
  • Plaza Premium Lounge: Near Gate E31
  • United Club: Near Gate E6


If you are reaching the airport with your own vehicle, you must be well aware of the parking facilities at the airport. The DFW Airport provides the following parking services to its passengers.

  • Terminal Parking
  • Express Parking
  • Remote Parking
  • Valet Parking

Other Amenities At DFW Terminal E

This is not the end of the facilities at the DFW Airport Frontier Airlines terminal. There are many more amenities that the terminal offers to create a smooth and comfortable traveling experience for its passengers.

Wi-FiKid’s play areaNursing rooms
Pet relief areasDuty-free shopsSmoking areas
Art exhibitsInterfaith chapelsATM machines

Getting Around, To, And From The DFW Airport

Do you know what marks the beginning and end of a flight journey? It is the action of traversing the path for getting to the airport, moving around the airport, or reaching your destination from the airport. These events should be smooth for the journey to be concluded as a good one.

Moving Between Terminals

Since, there is no direct link of terminal E with other terminals at the airport, you have to take the Skylink. It is a free ride that runs every 2 minutes, and it takes around 9 minutes to reach the farthest stations. Catch your ride from the area between gates E8 and E11 or between E31 and E32.

You can also take the Landside Terminal Link shuttle bus at the entry of Gates E14 and E35.

Ground Transportation

There are various ways to reach your desired destination. You can go through them and find out which one suits your travel preferences.

  • Trains: DART Rail Station, Trinity Metro TEX Rail, and Trinity Railway Express.
  • Buses: DART bus rides and charter buses.
  • Shuttles: Shared ride shuttles, courtesy shuttles, and taxis
  • Personal Vehicles such as Car.

Time To Pack Up

Did going through this thorough read of Frontier Airlines DFW Terminal give you some clarity about the path you will tread during your journey? Sure, it must have. After all, it contains all the big and small details about the terminal, the airlines, and the flight procedures. There is no doubt you will get tangled on your flight trip. It’s time to pack up your bags and let the journey in the air begin.

Passenger’s Travel Concerns

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at DFW?

If you are going to catch a flight with Frontier Airlines, you will be using Terminal E at the DFW Airport.

How to go to other terminals from DFW Terminal E?

Since the terminal E at DFW Airport is not linked to any other terminal, you have to take either a Skylink or a Terminal Link shuttle to reach the other terminals at the airport.

Does Terminal E at DFW have a lounge?

Yes, the DFW Airport’s terminal E has four lounges: the Admirals Club, United Club, Delta Sky Club, and Plaza Premium Lounge.

Where can I find the lost and found center at the DFW Airport terminal E?

The DFW Airport’s lost and found is situated near Gate E4 at the baggage claim area before the security check.

What types of parking are available at the DFW Airport terminal E?

You can choose between Terminal parking, Valet parking, Express parking, and Remote parking at the DFW airport as suits your traveling requirements.

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