Turkish Airlines Business Class Review

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review

Turkish Airlines is considered among the best carriers in the world for its services, especially when it comes to inflight meals. Imagine you get upgraded to its premium cabins; how will the experience be? Of course, the expectations are at the highest level. Skytrax awarded its business class catering as the best among other airlines in 2023. Frequent flyers always rave about the unlimited privilege they experienced on board. From boarding to final arrival at the destination, the airline offers impeccable services. Simply put, we have heard some good things about the airline, considering the Turkish Airlines Business Class Reviews.

With this blog post, let’s aim to provide useful insights into the airline’s expensive cabin. Putting honest opinions on the cabin seatings, inflight meals, amenities, and the complete on-air and on-ground experience.

Feel The Luxury With Turkish Airlines Business Cabins

When it comes to traveling with a hint of luxury, Turkish Airlines sets a high standard with its exceptional business-class offerings. From the moment you step inside the airport for flight departure to finally landing at the desired destination, the airline provides a perfectly combined experience of comfort, elegance, and impeccable service. Plus, the Turkish Boeing 777-300ER offers spacious cabins, wide seats, WiFi connection, etc.

However, we can’t make this statement at first glance without knowing the relevant facts. Thus, we have decided to discuss every feature of the cabin and provide you with honest Turkish Airlines Business Class reviews.

Elevated Boarding Experience

Let’s begin with your airport experience if you choose Turkish Airlines as your carrier. Your journey will begin with a dedicated check-in counter at the terminal, where a warm welcome and efficient service ensure a seamless start to the adventure. The boarding process is equally smooth and hassle-free, with comfortable seats setting the mood for the flight ahead.

Stylish Cabin Ambiance

Upon entering the cabin class, you will be greeted by a sophisticated and modern atmosphere. The gleaming design emanates elegance, and the thoughtful touches, like warm lighting and a soothing color scheme, make the ambiance more cozy and inviting. Its spacious seats offer ample legroom and reclining features, ensuring that even the longest flight is a comfortable experience. You can enjoy your flight to the fullest with the following special features of onboard seating:

  • Lie-flat seats that can convert into a 193 cm bed. 
  • The width of the bed is 66 cm, and it has a completely adjustable armrest.
  • Have full control over your comfort with a touchpad seat control panel. 
  • Dine on an adjustable tray table that rotates around 51 cm. 
  • The inflight entertainment System features an 18” screen with an adjustable angle.
  • IFE controller has a 4” touchpad screen for easy control.
  • Relax and charge your devices on a universal power outlet with USB charging units.
  • Get “me time” with retractable privacy screens and an exclusive mirror.
  • Store your goodies in a closed storage compartment with a lock feature. 
  • Accessibility to the reading lamp encourages you to take out those “Did not finish” books.
  • Sink into the chair, turn on the massage feature, and enjoy your onboard experience. 

Delicious Comestibles

One of the main features of Turkish Airlines Business Cabins that attract the most attention is its onboard culinary experience. Its menu is meticulously crafted by expert flying chefs, which changes according to the season, using all the fresh and tasty ingredients. Not just that, the airline also serves a special menu to passengers who are restricted to specific dietary requirements to ensure their health or beliefs onboard. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind:

  • The airline will likely run out of your selected menu if it is in high demand. 
  • Passengers flying on codeshare flights will experience different catering services as the related airline’s standards will manage them. 
  • Ensure to advise the staff about the food allergy while making the “special meal” request.
  • The airline ensures to prepare all these meals in accordance with Islamic principles. 

Onboard Entertainment And Amenities

Boredom will never be an issue when you are flying above the clouds in Turkish Airlines Business Class. You will be grateful enough to have access to an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games available on HD entertainment systems. In addition, you get noise-cancellation headphones that put you in a soothing flight mode.

The airline’s thoughtful amenity kit is also stocked with premium skincare products, cozy socks, and other travel essentials to make you feel comfortable throughout the journey. You will feel refreshed and pampered on your way to the final destination. Plus, the onboard internet connection helps you stay connected to friends or family via social media and messaging apps.

Attentive And Personalized Crew

What truly sets Turkish Airlines apart from other international carriers is the exceptional service provided by the cabin crew. From the beginning, the staff will greet you warmly and address you by name to make you feel recognized and valued. Your attendant will take care of your preference and visit occasionally to ensure you have everything you need. Keeping your glass refilled, frequently offering snacks, and re-plumping the pillow when you return from the lavatory are some of the sweet gestures of the attentive cabin staff. You will never have to ask for anything!

Business Class Privileges On Turkish Flights

You are entitled to a high status when you purchase a business class ticket with Turkish Airlines or another carrier. Thus, it is often known as the lavish way to travel, as you get premium services and special treatments that are not readily available in lower cabins. Moving forward, we are here to describe some of the Business Class privileges you will get on Turkish flights.

  1. Preferential Check-in

If you have selected Business Class as your cabin, you can access extra privileges while checking in for the flight. Ease your way to the counter by avoiding lines and heading straight to the business class counter at the concerned airport. Furthermore, you can select your preferred seat completely free of charge during online or mobile check-in.

  1. More Baggage Allowance

Business Class cabins provide ample baggage options and free allowance so you can pack more if you want to. The airline lets you carry a little extra over what is allowed on the standard economy. After landing at your destination, you can quickly collect your bags after the flight, thanks to the priority baggage handling feature.

  1. Extreme Lounge Experience

Turkish Airlines promises its Business Class passengers much more than a basic lounge experience at the airport. While departing from its hubs, you can easily access its lounge areas and indulge in therapeutic services like massage or entertain yourself with available entertainment options like cinema, gold simulator, media screens, video games, and more. In case you’re traveling with little ones, let them enjoy themselves in the children’s playroom area. 

  1. Earn More With Miles

More miles mean more smiles! Flying in business class will help you gather more miles than usual in standard economy class. This altogether improves your flying experience and also enables you to maintain or earn elite status. Moreover, the earned miles will give you award tickets, extra baggage allowance, inflight services, and even cabin upgrades. 

Best Way To Book Business Class On Turkish Airlines

There’s no hiding how expensive these premium cabins can be. The extra services and special treatments obviously cost money, which is included in your ticket. A flight from the U.S. to Europe with Turkish Airlines can easily cost you $3,000-4,000 for a one-way trip. You can either browse the official website or head to the airline’s city office for flight booking confirmation. You can even utilize the airline credit card for some amazing flight discounts. 

For our discussion, we plan to provide you with the best way to book Turkish Airlines flights to save you some pennies. 

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles

The very first thing that can help you save money on your business travel is the Turkish airline’s loyalty program, viz. Miles&Smiles. If you’re a member, you can miles for every time you travel with the airlines. These points or miles can earn you awards, which you can redeem to purchase plane tickets. Now, the program uses a zone-based award chart and offers two types: promotional award tickets and regular award redemptions. Focus more on earning promotional award charts with the best redemption rates. 

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to use these awards for one-way bookings, which is much easier. Per the airline award chart, travelers can book a business class seat from Istanbul and North America for 45,000 miles/ one-way. Check out the steps for the booking procedure:

  • Open the official website and log in using your Miles&Smiles account credentials.
  • To purchase the ticket with miles, tick the box award ticket.
  • Provide travel details like flight origin, destination, dates, cabin name, total number of passengers, and more. 
  • Click on the relevant button to start the award search.
  • Finally, book with miles and pay applicable charges, like taxes and fees. 

Final Impression

Our Turkish Airlines Business Class Review must have convinced you to book the flight for the next adventure. The airline is trying to provide the best to passengers, paying extensively for premium cabins. It provides an extensive route network, a seamless airport experience, and a soothing flight journey with delightful culinary, expensive amenities, and attentive staff to make sure everything is in place. However, the final decision lies in your travel requirements and needs. If you are boarding a short-haul flight, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars for a three-hour flight. Meanwhile, long-haul flights can benefit from fully enjoying the offered inflight amenities and services. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is Turkish business class like?

Turkish Airlines Business Class is a lavish cabin having plenty of benefits, like lie-flat seats, extra legroom, extra comfort, and a seamless internet connection. 

Does Turkish Airlines have lie-flat beds in business class?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provides lie-flat seats in business class that can convert into a 193 cm bed.

What drinks are served in business class on Turkish Airlines?

The airline serves a good range of wine and beer on board and complimentary refreshing drinks. 

Can you lie down in Turkish Airlines business class?

Yes. Turkish Airlines business class cabins offer lie-beds, where you can lie down and take a good snooze before landing. 

What is the layout of Turkish Airlines business class?

The seats of the business class cabins are arranged in a 2-2-2 layout. 

Do you get lounge access with Turkish business class?

Yes. Passengers with Business Class tickets get free entry to Turkish Airlines’ lounge while departing from its airport hubs. 

How much does it cost to upgrade from economy to business class on Turkish Airlines?

Business Class cabins are way more expensive than standard Economy. Passengers can get an upgrade using 85,000 Miles&Smiles miles each way. 

Do business class seats fully recline on Turkish Airlines?

Yes. Depending on the type of aircraft, Business cabins on Turkish Airlines feature completely reclinable seats. 

Does Turkish Airlines business class have beds?

The airline offers lie-flat seats, which can easily transform into a bed with a 66 cm width. 

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