JetBlue Vacation Packages

JetBlue Vacation Packages

Every airline puts its efforts into offering the best to its passengers, whether its seating arrangement, food, entertainment, or anything else. But the Jet Blue Airline is more than that. It doesn’t matter what cabin you belong to and what your status is; you will always get the best from it. Jet Blue is a US airline that offers vacation packages that consist of flights and hotels in order to keep your nest egg safe and fulfill your dream vacation without any compromises. With Jetblue vacation packages, you get various kinds of benefits such as complete customization, a trip of your preference, style of travel, and many more. If you also want to book a trip with Jet Blue vacation packages, keep reading below.

What Is The Jetblue Vacation Package?

It is a travel package by Jet Blue Airline that includes roundtrip flights on JetBlue: rental car, hotel, or cruise. If you purchase the JetBlue vacation packages all-inclusive, you can easily save time and money and enjoy the vacation under budget. It provides various ways of booking and conveniences to the passengers. To book the vacation package, you can visit the website, call, and use the app.

Best About Jet Blue Vacations

There are many reasons that make it the best airline to travel with. Look at the reasons below to figure out why Jet Blue is better than others.

1. Book The Vacation For Free By Phone

There is a US-based reservation crew offered by JetBlue Airlines, which allows you to book your vacation package without any additional fees. You can reach us at 844-JB-VACAY (528-2229).

2. Earn Bonus Points Through the Jetblue Vacations Package

Passengers get the chance to earn 6 true blue points per eligible dollar on your Jet Blue flight. On accommodation and car rentals, earn 1 trueblue point. If you have a booking with cash+points, then you won’t earn TrueBlue points as well as there is no chance of getting points on taxes and insurance. If you earn base points and fight segments on Jetblue vacations, then it will be counted towards the mosaic status.

Working procedure of JetBlue

It is a bundled airline ticket and accommodation booking. If you want to book a Jetblue vacation package, you can do so by or After this, you are required to click the JetBlue vacation logo at the top of the page. 

If you are booking online, you can search for different destinations and dates per the availability of hotels and your requirements. After this, you will find options and price points for booking, which will be available with the TrueBlue earning potential for every package option. 

Get the Best Price Deal With Jet Blue

If you get the same price that Jet Blue is offering to you on another platform or website within 48 hours then Jetblue will refund you the price difference. It is only applied to the flights and hotels of your package. The lower prices that you will get must be unutilized in terms of unpublished fares, opaque fares, special discounts, and promo codes. It should be identical, too. If you want to claim a guarantee of the price, you can dial customer support at 800 Jetblue (538-2538) and choose the 3rd option. 

How To Book A Jetblue Vacation Package?

You can easily book the package via online or by phone. To book online you are required to visit,or and click on the vacation in the booking tool (top of the home page). If you are booking by phone, you can call 1844-JB-VACAY (528-2229). You will find the crew members 24/7. There is no extra fee for booking via phone. If the itinerary you are selecting includes more than one destination/hotel/resort, more than 7 travelers or more space, and a mint seat, you must make the booking by phone. It is prohibited to book a package 72 hours prior to departure. 

Book By App

If you want to book a flight + hotel package, then you can do so by the jetblue app. To book the package, visit JetBlue or and select the JetBlue vacation at the top of the homepage. It is a very easy and convenient way of booking. 

Ways Of Paying For Jet Blue Vacation Package

There are various ways by which you can pay for the JetBlue all-inclusive vacation packages. Look at the ways below and choose the preferred one. 

1. Jet Blue Points 

One way to pay for the vacation package is to use true blue points. There are various ways of earning true Blue points: flying with Jet Blue or with its partner airline and achieving elite status, applying for a co-branded credit card, and many more. With the help of true blue points you can finalize your vacation package without using a single penny. 

2. Jet Blue Card 

Another way of paying for the vacation package is by using a JetBlue card or JetBlue Plus card. It allows you to have additional points on your event purchase. If you use a Jet Blue card and spend 1 dollar on eligible Jet Blue purchases, then you get 3 points. If you use a Jet Blue Plus card, then you get 6 points for 1 dollar. 

3. Upfront Deposit 

In the list of payment options, we have an upfront deposit. You can use it by doing a 200-dollar nonrefundable deposit per person. For domestic air travel, you can pay in 30 days, and for international trips in 45 days. 

Cancellation Policy Of Jet Blue Vacations Package

If you want to know how to Cancel the Jetblue vacation package? Then worry not; you can simply do so by dialing 1844 JB VACAY (528-2229). There will be no cancellation fee for it. The hotel that you have booked for your vacation might charge a fee, so it is important to go through the policies of the specific package. 

The Refund Policy Of Jetblue 

As per the refund policy of JetBlue, passengers do not get any refund after cancelling the vacation package. If you are canceling the package, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the actual price. The rest of the amount will be credited to your account. 

Sum Up! 

This was all about the JetBlue vacation package, which you can thoroughly check and plan as per the mentioned details. You will get an idea of where and how you should spend your money, which deals will suit you the best, and other important things required for a successful trip. So, plan a great trip with the JetBlue vacation package and enjoy every moment of it.

Help Section! 

1. Can I use Jetblue Travel Bank for vacation packages?

Yes, you can use Jet Blue Air Travel Bank for vacation packages, as with it you can easily access and manage Jet Blue travel credits. It is a kind of payment wallet that you can use to book on and the JetBlue app. 

2.  What are the JetBlue vacation packages from Boston?

There are various Jet Blue vacation packages that you can find from Boston, such as from Boston to fort Lauderdale, Boston to Aruba, Boston to Punta Cana, and many more. All these packages include a night deal for a quick gateway, night stays that amaze, and many more. 

3. How do I call a JetBlue vacation package?

You can dial 18445282229

4. Does JetBlue do packages?

Yes, it has a combination of flights with hotels, which creates a package. 

5. How to book a jet blue vacation package?

You can do so online through the website, by phone, or by app. 

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