The Best Airlines In The World For Premium Travel in 2024

Best Airlines In The World

Air travel has been going through a renaissance ever since the number of travelers increased through the years. Airlines splurge heavily on premium cabins, inflight amenities, and services to captivate travelers’ attention. In return, the passenger willingly pays for a luxurious and comfortable experience. Certain airlines are crème de la crème when it comes to opulence in the air. At the same time, some fail to meet the expectations of a flyer. Here are some of the Best Airlines in the World based on reviews, awards, and the latest rankings. 

The World’s Top 10 Airlines By SKYTRAX 

Skytrax World Airline Awards is known as the Academy Awards for the aviation industry. It is the most desired honor for airlines to make a benchmark of excellence. The nomination of the airline is not restricted to only members; almost every airline can participate. 

Basically, this works by passengers from all around the globe coming together to participate in the Largest Airline Passenger Satisfaction Survey. The collected data helps the organization announce the winner of the ‘Best Top 10 Airlines in the World’ title.

The reason why we’re taking this award system into account is because of its authenticity. The passengers themselves vote for these award-winning airlines. Participated travelers made their personal choices and chose the best airline as per their preference. 

The following sequence depicts the airline’s ranking based on its winning position at the World’s Airlines Awards 2023.

1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines won the Best Airline in the World on 20th June 2023. Every airline member is fuelled and dedicated to serving passengers with high-quality services. No matter which cabin class you’re flying in, you will surely select from gourmet meals prepared by some internationally known chefs. Every passenger has access to up-to-the-minute inflight amenities and entertainment systems. You can watch a collection of movies and TV shows, listen to your favorite music, or play games. Along with its sister airlines, Singapore Airlines flies over 180 planes for international and domestic flights, which equals more than 110 destinations. 

2. Qatar Airways

The national carrier of Qatar, based in Doha, is in the second position. The airline is a trendsetter in inflight offerings and products, delightful meals,  entertainment systems, and not forgetting the award-winning personalized services. Whether you seek complimentary services or a relaxing experience on board, you can get the best of both worlds by flying on Qatar Airways. As per its extensive route network, Qatar Airways serves more than 150 destinations with a fleet of 200 airplanes, operating flights to Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America. 

3. ANA – All Nippon Airways

Started its operations with just two helicopters, All Nippon Airways is now not only the largest in Japan but also among the most powerful airlines in Asia. It has been a renowned member of Star Alliance since 1999. The carrier serves over 200 destinations, including 82 international and 118 domestic routes. As per flying experience, the airline provides top-notch services from economy to first class. Moreover, it offers passengers unique connectivity, which enables them to fly to Tokyo, connect with Narita and Haneda Airpot, and to numerous destinations across the country. On the other hand, it offers same-day connections between cities in Asia, North America, and China. 

4. Emirates

With its global hub in Dubai, Emirates connects travelers to different corners of the world. Aside from being one of the best airlines in the world, it is often recognized for its fleet age, strong network connectivity, inflight amenities, and, of course, unlimited onboard entertainment. The airline operates its flights in a high-tech, fuel-efficient, and comfortable fleet. In addition, the inflight atmosphere is managed by culturally diverse personnel, delivering prize-winning services to travelers from different continents. Its current fleet equals around 260+ airplanes, flying to 152 desitnaitons. 

5. Japan Airlines

Founded in 1951, Japan Airlines often stands out for its remarkable services and first-rate inflight experience, even in the lowest cabin classes. The airline is listed among the global premier carriers and connected with Oneworld Alliance in 2007. One of the most attractive features of its cabins is those wider seats in Economy class, offering the essence of comfort to passengers traveling on a budget. These seats boost more leg space and have wide armrests that you could hardly find on any other competing carrier. Correspondingly, the attentive flight attendants deliver exceptional services and ensure you experience a seamless travel. 

6. Turkish Airlines

With their unbeatable route network, latest fleet, comfy seats, and delicious inflight meals, Turkish Airlines has earned the title of Best Carrier in Europe. The airline is known for operating flights to a number of destinations that aren’t usually covered by all the other carriers. Its fleets are well-maintained, fuel-efficient, technologically updated, and conscious of environmental concerns, offering comfortable travel. Also, Turkish Airlines Business Class has earned 5 stars for its premium services and inflight catering. As a result of its continuous dedication, the airline has earned exciting partnerships and renowned advertisement campaigns. This also led to earning the title of the carrier to travel to most countries worldwide, with operating flights to around 120 countries from the nation. 

7. Air France

Flying with many positive aspects, Air France is another airline that is named the largest in the home country. Every time you fly with the airline, its team will always try to serve you the best of the nation at every stage of the journey. With the ever more spacious travel cabins, French cuisine curated by award-winning chefs, luxury airport lounges, and complimentary services, the airline has provided French excellence to its passengers ever since its establishment. Book your dream flight and enjoy the inflight pleasures of Air France. Now, with its collaboration with KLM, it has become one of Europe’s leading air transport groups. This formation provides passengers with an extensive network of 312 destinations in 116 countries, from Pairs-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol. 

8. Cathay Pacific Airways

The Hong Kong-based airline and the founder member of Oneworld Global, Cathay Pacific Airways, remains a solid service provider for economy and premium class passengers. It has won many hearts with efficient inflight services, tasty meals and snacks, comfy seats, and an entertainment system that keeps travelers out of boredom on long-hour flights. The airline provides passenger flight and cargo services to more than 200 destinations located in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. Its modern and high-technology fleet, close to 200 airplanes, makes air travel even more comfortable. 

9. EVA Air

EVA Air values customer satisfaction over everything and, thus, offers quality services and safety on board and at the airport. With this ever-growing effort and dedication, EVA earned the 5-star airline by SKYTRAX, and this prestigious rank led to its listing among the world’s best airlines. For its route network, the airline connects Asian and Mainland China to Europe, North America and Oceania, and other 60 touristy places with its flight operations. Its major flights take off from its major hub at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. 

10. Korean Air

Another founding member of SkyTeam listed as the 10th best airline company in the world, Korean Air. It is the leading international carrier in the country, with its head office in Seoul & its main hub in Incheon International Airport. The airline flight operation includes cargo and passenger services, catering, and inflight sales. Korean Air keeps excelling with its fight services to earn a name among the leading airlines in the world. At present, it offers flight tickets to 125 destinations in 44 countries, with a total fleet of 169 airplanes. 

Final Words!

Here, we conclude the top 10 best airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines has been voted the leading carrier among the rest. This is the fifth time the airline scored the top position in a row. Other winners at the award ceremony include Emirates, Qatar Airways, Korean Air, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, ANA, Air France, Japan Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. Meanwhile, Delta Air Line scooped the top position with five awards. In Europe, Turkish Airlines won the best title with four awards, which also includes the highly competitive Best Airline in Europe title. 

Find Out More:

What are the best airlines in the world?

Some of the best airline companies in the world include renowned carriers like Singapore Airlines, Turkish, Qatar, Emirates, Korean Air, ANA, and more.  

What is the best airline in Europe?

Turkish Airlines won the Best Airline title in Europe, winning four awards. 

What is the best airline in the world?

As per the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards, Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world for comfortable and luxury travel. 

What is the most comfortable airline?

Delta Airlines is the most comfortable airline in the United States. Passengers must rely on its services for their trips as it has the lowest rate of flight cancellations, delays, and mishandled baggage. 

What are the most luxurious Airlines?

Singapore Airlines, along with the best airline in the world, is also the most luxurious, offering premium services on board. 

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