Best Airline Credit Card In 2024: Pay More & Earn More!

Best Airline Credit Card in 2024

If you fly frequently or often spend time in airports, you must have come across offers for airline credit cards. These travel cards reward you with points for every flight purchase you make, as well as for everyday purchases. Once you have gathered enough, you can redeem these points to book a reservation or hotel stay. But should you sign up for such proposals? Cause there are indeed several perks to it. However, there are many options in the market to choose from. The Best Airline Credit Card is the one that you pick out per your travel requirements. So, if you are considering applying for these cards, here are some insightful details!

A Better Overview Of Airline Credit Cards

The airline credit card is a sort of travel reward credit that helps passengers earn miles and points with a specific airline. In exchange for purchasing airline services, the carrier offers redeemable points and added benefits like flight upgrades. 

How Does it Work?

It doesn’t matter if you fly for business or leisure; you can always sign up for credit cards if you are spending enough money on air travel. Generally, these cards are a product of collaboration between the card issuer and the concerned airline. The receiver is entitled as the cardholder and qualifies to earn frequent flyer miles. 

Passengers can use the card for any business as long as it is under the network of the issuer. Once the purchase is complete, the card is credited with travel points and miles. A passenger can redeem it anytime before the expiry. 

Common Benefits And Pitfalls

Before applying for an airline credit card, you must check whether it offers what you want. And what’s the best way to find out than understanding its provided benefits? Now, these extras may vary from airline to airline, but we have mentioned some of the common perks that you are sure to get while enrolling for one. 

  • Captivating Sign-Up Bonuses

Airline credit cards are famous for their sign-up bonuses. You get bonus miles if you purchase a service for a specific fee within a certain period. For instance, the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard provides 50,000 bonus miles in exchange for a purchase made in three months worth $2,500. 

  • Frequent Flyer Perks

An airline credit card is a great option for passengers who fly often and want to travel in comfort. It offers common perks that are usually offered to frequent flyers, such as priority boarding, premium upgrades, and eligibility to access luxurious airport lounges. In addition, some airlines also provide membership programs that entitle passengers to a specific status based on the spent amount. 

  • Travel Protection

Being a cardholder of an airline credit card can help eliminate stress before or after the flight journey. It provides protection against flight cancellations and delayed baggage, including reimbursement for misplaced bags. Airline credit cards come with such coverage and can prove highly beneficial against these unexpected events.

The airline card has some drawbacks to it despite being so useful to the passengers. For instance:

  • Some airlines’ or issuers’ reward structures can be very complicated, making it challenging to determine the value of earned points and miles.
  • Passengers will have to pay annual fees, which can be expensive if your rewards do not make up for it. 
  • Not every traveler is eligible to apply for an airline card. One must have a good credit score (at least 670) to enroll for one. 
  • Some cards are only for specific airline purchases. If you intend to use the same card for every airline, you will have to look for flexible airline cards. 

16 Best Credit Card For Airline Miles & Points

After learning about several benefits, credit cards seem to be the easy way to earn airline perks. However, the problem lies in which one to choose. As a frequent flyer, choosing an airline-specific credit card is a better choice but not the smarter one. It should be more appealing, which brings in more flexibility. There are money options in the market that offer bonus rewards irrespective of the flight operator.

Here, you can check out some of the best airline points credit cards along with their reward rates and sign-up bonuses. The following information will help you compare and contrast the alternatives for better decision-making. 

Credit CardReward RatesCredit ScoreAnnual FeeSign-Up Bonus
Southwest Rapid Rewards, Priority Credit Card.Earn 3x points for each dollarGood, Excellent$14950,000 points
Delta SkyMiles Gold AmEx2 miles per dollarGood, Excellent$0 for the first year. $150 for the proceeding years. 40,000 bonus miles
United Club Infinite CardEarn 4x miles for each dollar on United purchaseExcellent$52580,000 bonus miles
Delta SkyMiles Platinum AmEx Card3x miles per dollarGood, Excellent$35050,000 bonus miles
Delta SkyMiles Reserve AmEx Card3x miles per dollarGood, Excellent$65060,000 bonus miles
United Explorer Card2x miles per dollarGood, Excellent$0 for the first year, &95 annually afterward. 50,000 bonus miles
British Airways Visa Signature Card3x Avios points for a dollar spentGood, Excellent$9585,000 Avios
United Quest Card3 miles per dollarGood, Excellent$250 60,000 bonus miles
Aeroplan Credit Card2x points per dollarGood, Excellent$9570,000 points
AmEx Gold Card4x points per dollarGood, Excellent$25060,000 points
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card2x miles per dollarGood, Excellent$9575,000 bonus miles
The Platinum Card from AmEx5x Membership Rewards PointsGood, Excellent$69580,000 points
Chase Sapphire Reserve5x per dollar spentExcellent$550 75,000 points
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card2x miles per dollarExcellent$39575,000 bonus miles
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card5x points per dollarExcellent, Good$9575,000 points

For better clarity into the picture, we have elaborated on the additional benefits of these flexible airline credit cards one by one in the following points. 

Additional Perks for Better Flying Experience
Southwest Rapid Rewards, Priority Credit Card.Earn the Companion Pass by earning rapid rewards. No foreign transaction fee. Two EarlyBird check-ins per year.25% return on all inflight purchases.
Delta SkyMiles Gold AmExReceive a Delta flight credit worth $200 upon spending $10,000 in a calendar year. Get first checked baggage free of charge. Priority boarding, $100 Delta stay credit, and more. 
United Club Infinite CardFour miles/dollar on United flights and 2 miles on other travel, dining, and delivery services. Earn 1 mile/dollar on other remaining purchases. Access to United Club airport lounges.
Delta SkyMiles Platinum AmEx Card15% off on Delta Award travel purchased via miles.Priority boarding. The first checked baggage is free of cost. Get a fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Complimentary access to Delta SkyClubs, the Centurion Lounge, and Escape Lounge.
Delta SkyMiles Reserve AmEx Card
British Airways Visa Signature CardOffer travel coverage like protection against bag danae, delayed baggage, and flight cancellation. No foreign exchange fee. 
United Quest CardGet $100 credit for TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and NEXUS application fee. There are no foreign transaction fees. 
Aeroplan Credit CardThe first checked baggage is free of charge. Travel InsuranceAuto rental coverage Purchase protection
AmEx Gold Card$100 experience credit for booking at least two nights of stay with AmEx Travel. No foreign transaction fee. Insurance on trip delays. Provides coverage for lost baggage. Includes hotel, dining, and Uber Cash credits.
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit CardGet a bonus worth 20,000 miles for spending $500 on purchases. There is no fee for the first year. Emergency card replacement Travel accident insurance Extended warranty Enjoy 50% off on handcrafted beverages in any of the Capital One Cafes. 
The Platinum Card from AmExPriority Pass Select membership upon enrollment. Access to premium AmEx Centurion lounges, Escape Lounges, and Delta SkyClubs. Provides incidental fee credits worth $200 on selected airlines. Additionally, the card offers up to $100 credit to cover Global Entry/ TSA PreCheck application fee expenses. 
Chase Sapphire ReserveEarned points can be transferred to Chase’s travel partner at a 1:1 ratio. This includes airlines like United Airlines, British Airways, and Hyatt Hotel. Receive complimentary Priority Pass Select airport lounge access. It offers travel protection as well. 
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit CardIt offers the complementary status of Hertz’s top-tier President’s Circle upon application. Provide auto rental collision damage coverage with protection against other unexpected events, including cell phone protection. 
Chase Sapphire Preferred CardTravel protection covers flight cancellations, delays, lost baggage, and rental collision insurance. Cardholder gets $50 annual credit on hotel reservations through Chase Travel. Easily redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards at 1.25 cents when traveling through Chase. 

Who Must Apply For Airline Credit Card?

Airline credit cards are indeed helpful in earning extra miles, bonuses, and discounts on flight purchases. However, this doesn’t make it a necessity for all travelers. After all, the service does cost an annual fee, and it should be worth it if you’re willing to apply. So, if you tick any of the following conditions, you can happily apply for a credit card and enjoy airline perks. 

  • You’re a loyal customer of a specific airline, as the airline cards provide discounts and benefits on flight purchases. 
  • Complementary advantages, such as priority boarding, free checked bags, discounts, etc., are more valuable to you while traveling.
  • You want to cut off foreign transaction fees. 
  • Since you fly often, you need coverage for unexpected scenarios like flight cancellations, delays, lost baggage, etc.

Is It Worth Getting An Airline Credit Card?

All in all, an airline credit card is the best option only if you are a frequent flyer or enjoy traveling in comfort with added benefits. If your earnings can easily outweigh the purchase cost, then applying for the service is worth it. We hope this page was helpful enough to compare available credit cards, enabling you to understand the differences and benefits and, finally, leading you to make the right decision in choosing the best airline credit card.

Find Out More:

What are some of the best United Airlines credit cards?

Some of the best airline cards associated with United Airlines are the United Gateway Card, United Explorer Card, United Quest Card, and United Club Infinite Card. 

Which credit card is best for flying miles?

Cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred and Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card are known as the best airline miles credit cards. 

Do Airline Miles expire after a specific time?

Every airline has its own set of rules for mileage expiration. For some, it may expire after a year of no use, while in other companies, it may never expire. 

Can I get additional benefits with airline cards?

Of course. Airline credit cards are very popular among frequent flyers as they provide extra perks like priority boarding, early check-in, free checked bags, travel insurance, and more. 

What credit score should you have to get an airline credit card?

Travelers typically need a good to excellent credit card score (670 – 739) to apply for airline credit card services. 

Do I need to be a frequent flyer for an airline card?

No. A casual flyer can also apply for a specific airline credit card, given that the applicant has a good credit score and meets all the other criteria. 

Can I access premium airport lounges with airline credit cards?

Yes. Many top-tier airline cards provide passengers with lounge access for a relaxing journey. 

Do airlines charge for credit cards?

Yes. The cardholder will have to pay an annual fee of around $95.

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