Traveling Through Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal Made Easy

Traveling Through Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal Made Easy

You are about to enter a portal filled with air carriers that will fly you to the destinations you wish to visit. However, this San Diego Airport portal consists of multiple alleyways, which can be confusing. In order to not distract from your path, remember that you need to trace Terminal 2 of the San Diego Airport to reach your Alaska Airlines air carrier. Before you begin tracing the Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal, it is crucial to learn about the essential places and services at the terminal through this descriptive guide.

The Ins And Outs Of The Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal

If you are wondering how you will enter, exit, and go through the various flight processes at the Alaska Airlines San Diego terminal, just go through the following points.

There are only two terminals at the San Diego International Airport, of which Terminal 2 is located on the western side. It has 2 concourses, east and west, that are linked together from a secure area.

Arrivals: Here, you will find the baggage claim area, immigration services, and ground transportation.

Departures: This level consists of ticketing counters, check-in desks, and 2 security checkpoints. Beyond the security are plenty of restaurants, shops, lounges, and many other facilities.

Features Of The Alaska Airlines SAN Airport Terminal

Let’s have a look at the different facets of the Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal before diving into your flight procedures. It will give you an awareness about your journey at the airport.

  • San Diego International Airport houses only two terminals. They are connected close to each other at a walking distance.
  • Traveling through Terminal 2 will allow you to explore 640,000 sq ft of space.
  • There are 2 concourses at the terminal, one on the east and the other on the west.
  • As an Alaska Airlines passenger, you will use one of the 13 gates of the east side concourse, numbered from 20 to 32.
  • There is one security checkpoint for each of the concourse.
  • You can easily switch between the two concourses through the secure area and enjoy the facilities available from both sides.
Airport NameSan Diego International Airport 
Airport CodeSAN
SAN Airport AddressN Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, United States
Name of the AirlineAlaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines Arrival Terminal San DiegoTerminal 2
Alaska Airlines Departure Terminal San DiegoTerminal 2
SAN Airport Alaska Airlines Phone Number1-800-252-7522
CitySan Diego
CountryUnited States
SAN Airport Official Website 

Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal Map

The most essential element of all travel, which is enough to guide you along any journey you take, is a Map. And this manual will provide you with one. After all, we know it’s way easier to navigate the Alaska Airlines San Diego Terminal with a comprehensive map.

The Alaska Airlines Flight Procedures At SAN Airport

Before you are ready to board your Alaska Airlines flight from the San Diego terminal, you have to go through two necessary procedures. These are mentioned in the following sections, along with all their locations and the tasks you can perform at these junctions. 

Check In With Your Alaska Airlines Flight

You can easily check in with your Alaska Airlines flight from its official website. But if you choose to do it at the airport, you need to head to the check-in counters. You will find them in the west area. Another method is to check in on your own at the self-serve kiosks that you will find in the lobby area. These counters open 3 hours before your flight departure. Make sure to complete your check-in process at least 60 minutes before your flight. 

Security Screening

The next vital course of action you need to get done is the security screening. There are 2 security checkpoints in total at the Alaska Airline San Diego Terminal. This facility is available from 4:15 AM until the last flight departure.

TSA Precheck: You can access this service at each security checkpoint. You can register for this service at their enrolment center located outside the security area, open Monday to Friday.

CLEAR: You can access the CLEAR Plus lane at this terminal between 4:30 AM to 7:00 PM. You can find there enrolment centers at the entrance’s left.

Global Entry Program: The SAN Airport also features the Global Entry Program. You can receive its benefits if you are eligible.

The Flying Experience With Alaska Airlines

It is dangerous to tread on lands you know nothing about. The same happens when you are boarding an airline. Hence, you must be well aware of and follow the rules of Alaska Airlines to avoid any errors while traveling.

Traveling In Groups

Alaska Airlines has a varied group travel program. They have discount schemes based on your traveling preferences. It also allows you to book charter flights if you are traveling in larger groups. This program also allows you to customize your journey along with providing several other benefits. You can contact the group desk at 1-800-445-4435 to make your group reservations.

Baggage Regulations

Alaska Airlines allows passengers to bring a carry-on bag to their flight for free. It can be a small backpack, briefcase, laptop bag, or purse. If you are bringing a checked bag on your flight, you have to pay a fee of $35. For the second checked bag, you have to pay $45. You must also learn about the list of items not allowed on your Alaska Airlines flight.

Moreover, if you face any issues with your luggage, such as any item getting lost or receiving your belongings late or in a damaged condition, you can report it to Alaska Airline’s baggage service office.

Traveling As A Family

If you are traveling with kids below the age of 13 years, Alaska Airlines will make sure each one of them sits with at least one adult. Bring on your child’s car seats and strollers without any worries. The airlines allow them to be carried for free on your flight.

Unaccompanied Minors Travels

The Junior Jetsetters program offered by the airlines allows minors below 17 years of age to travel alone. It charges $50/child between the ages of 5-7. For children aged 8-17, each kid is charged $50 for direct non-stop flights and $75 for connecting flights. For children from 13 to 17 years old, this service is optional.

While traveling, the unaccompanied minors must take care of these points:

  • They will receive a lanyard and wristband that they must keep with themselves at all times.
  • The minor should have written consent from their guardian to travel solo on their flight.

Pet Travel

Bringing an animal on a flight comes with lots of responsibilities. Alaska Airlines has laid out some regulations to ensure that other passengers don’t face any inconvenience and that your trips go smoothly. To release any doubts, read all the details about pet travel on Alaska Airline’s official website.

Special Services

Alaska Airlines cares for its passengers and keeps in mind the needs of each and every traveler who chooses it for their flight journey. It takes extra care of the ones who have any sort of disability issues or special requirements. It has a number of services at its disposal that cover all kinds of traveler needs. It includes escorts, therapy dogs, service animals, respiratory devices, wheelchairs, and many more accessibility tools. You can seek these services from the check-in desks at its SAN terminal.

Traversing The Alaska Airlines SAN Terminal

You are all ready for your flight now. But are you ready to traverse the Alaska Airlines San Diego terminal? You must complete those last efforts to bring perfection to your air tours. You can do so by going through the few more facilities offered at the terminal from the below section.

Information Counters

Even though you will get a complete breakdown of your tour with Alaska Airlines, there are times when you may feel confused. To clear any doubt you have about your flight, you can ask for more details from the information counters. At San Diego Airport’s terminal 2, if you are at the ground level, you can access it near the baggage claim area. Otherwise, you can also find them at the second level after security or at the international arrivals.


Feeling hungry is a natural reaction, and the SAN Airport has not just one but 40 solutions for it. What is it that you want? A quick burger for your small hunger, a comforting coffee for a winter flight, or a pizza with extra cheese for your sudden cravings. You will find a flavor for every taste at the Alaska Airlines terminal San Diego airport. You can find several bars, cafes, and restaurants after the security spread around the departure gates.

Pet Relief Areas

For all those pet parents who are bringing their pets on their travel, there are a total of 7 pet relief areas for their convenience. They are located at many places at the terminal. You can find them outside the terminal, near ground transportation, near international arrivals, and near Gate 47 at the west side concourse.

Duty Free Shops

With a wide range of shops available right after the west-side security checkpoint, you need not think about going anywhere else when in need of any item. From electronic items to bouquets of lilies, you will find anything that you need or want at this San Diego Airport Alaska Airlines terminal.


The SAN Airport has only 4 lounges, all of them accommodating in Terminal 2. They are as follows:

  • Aspire Lounge: to the left of the gates 20-32
  • Delta Sky Club: between gates 47 and 48 on the mezzanine level
  • United Club: between gates 47 and 48 on the mezzanine level
  • USO Lounge: outside secure area across terminal 2


Like any airport, you get a range of options for parking your vehicle at the San Deigo Airport terminal. You can choose between the following options that suit your traveling needs:

  • Short term parking
  • Long term parking
  • Curbside valet parking
  • Pick up and drop off parking
  • Off-site parking
  • Hotel Parking
  • Disabled passengers parking

To get more information about the parking options and price rates, you can contact at 619-291-2087.

Enjoying The Alaska Airlines SAN Terminal Services

The world of San Diego Airport Terminal is beyond just check-in counters, coffee shops, and lounges. There is yet a lot left to explore at the terminal. Find out in the below table.

Wi-FiChildren’s play areasBaby care facilities
7 Pet relief areasDuty-free shopsSmoking zones
Luggage storageCharging stationsATMs

From One Point To Another

When it comes to the San Diego International Airport, you need not worry about moving from one terminal to another. Since both the terminals are located next to each other, you can easily walk to them.

If talking about moving to and from the airport, you will get many options at the ground transportation level. Have a look at them.

  • Taking the Metropolitan Transit System (route 992) bus
  • Boarding Amtrak, coaster, or trolley rides
  • Getting on shared and private ride shuttles
  • Riding a taxi, Uber, or Lyft service


You are all caught up touring the Alaska Airlines San Diego terminal. This guide has almost all the essential details that the SAN Airport’s terminal 2 possesses. From the steps to board your plane and knowing about the Airline’s rules to finding directions for places at the airport and learning its features, this manual has got you all covered. You are by no means going to get tangled up with issues during your flight journey until you have this map with you.

Passenger’s Travel Concerns

What terminal is Alaska Airlines in San Diego?

If you are going to fly with Alaska Airlines, terminal 2 at the San Diego International Airport will be your portal.

How to get between terminals at San Diego Airport?

San Diego Airport has only two terminals. They are close to each other such that you can walk to them.

How many pet relief areas are at the San Diego International Airport?

There are a total of 7 pet relief areas at the San Diego Airport.

Where can I find the information counters at San Diego Airport Terminal 2?

You can find the information counter of the SAN Airport terminal 2 on the ground level, near the baggage claim area, or on the second level, after security or at the international arrivals.

What are the unaccompanied minor travel fares on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines charges $50 per child for unaccompanied minor travel services on direct non-stop flights.

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